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5 Well Paid Tech Jobs That Don't Involve Coding Everyday

So you want to break into the technology industry but you don't see yourself coding every single day for the rest of your career or maybe you are looking to leave the world of software development behind and want to explore what else is out there that does not require you to code. Whatever the reason you are here is, the simple fact is that coding is not for everyone.

I have done the research into the types of roles that are available so that you have a strong starting point to explore your options. It is important to note that there are many more jobs like these with different variations and you should definitely look into them. You could work in sales, marketing, operations, customer success and product management.

Here are five well paid jobs in the tech industry that does not involve coding everyday

1. Technical Consultant

Average Glassdoor UK Salary Range: £44,000 -80,000

Average Glassdoor US Salary Range: $74,395 - $103,000

Job Description: According to

Your role as an IT consultant is to work in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. You'll work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in various organisations.

You'll provide strategic guidance to clients with regard to technology and IT infrastructures and will enable major business processes through enhancements to IT. You may be called upon to provide guidance and technical expertise during other processes as well, such as selection and procurement and user training and feedback.

Job Appeal: If you do not want to completely say goodbye to programming or are looking to keep certain skills like Java, SQL, XML, HTML and CSS alive, this is a great job for you! You get a nice balance of coding and non-coding related tasks. Even better if you have great communication skills and can translate technical jargon into understandable English terms.

Note: you will most likely be working with clients on a regular basis, so you need to put your detective hat on because getting requirements out of them will be a mission

2. Technology / IT Project Manager

Average Glassdoor UK Salary: £40,568 - £90,000

Average Glassdoor US Salary: $81,000 - $124,719

Job Description: According to

An IT project manager is a person with many hats – naturally, the role incorporates project management and implementation of technology, but it also involves general management. You need to know your stuff when it comes to computers, but you also need to be able to deal with people and get them to do what you want.

Job Appeal:

Project managers oversee tech projects through a project life cycle, from inception to execution. Having a technical background will help to form a basic understanding of what the projects you will be working on involves, but you do not have to do an ounce of coding.

If you thrive on organisation and being methodical, then working as an IT project manager could be ideal.

3. UX (User experience) and UI (User interface) Designer

Average Glassdoor UK Salary: $38,000 - $57,000

Average Glassdoor US Salary: $59,000 - $121,000

Job Description:

A UI/UX designer observes user behaviour to improve the visible design of an application. They have a keen understanding of modern tech stacks and are proficient in crafting aesthetically beautiful interfaces.

Their primary goals are to raise user satisfaction, decrease user churn, and ensure user-based company goals are reached. Such goals might include increasing newsletter sign-ups, improving sales conversions, or identifying and removing pain points within an app.

Responsibilities of a UI/UX Designer include gathering user requirements, designing graphic elements and building navigation components. To be successful in this role, you should have experience with design software and wireframe tools. Ultimately, you’ll be creating both functional and appealing features that address clients’ needs.

Job Appeal:

If you have amazing design skills, care about user experience when they use products and have good time-management skills, then this role could be the one for you.

4. Technical Recruiter

Average Glassdoor UK Salary: £39,000 - £69,000

Average Glassdoor US Salary: $36,000 - $75,000

Job Description: According to

The job of a technical recruiter is to be able to identify/screen/qualify candidates for IT positions; the recruiter also reviews, reformats and presents resumes to hiring managers. Some of the duties and requirements of a technical recruiter include the following.

  • Source, screen, interview, and evaluate candidates

  • Foster long-term relationships with candidates

  • Review and understand technical job requirement requirements

  • Research new technologies

Job Appeal:

If you have the technical knowledge / background and are interested in a career in recruiting or just enjoy working with people, then this could be the one for you. You will be able to use both your technology and negotiating skills to find bright and talented people for companies.

5. Technical Writer

Average Glassdoor UK Salary: £30,000 - £80,000

Average Glassdoor US Salary: $50,000 - $110,000

Job Description: According to

Technical writers, also called technical communicators, prepare instruction manuals, how-to guides, journal articles, and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily. They also develop, gather, and disseminate technical information through an organisation's communications channels. Some of the duties and requirements of a technical recruiter include the following:

  • Determine the needs of users of technical documentation

  • Study product samples and talk with product designers and developers

  • Work with technical staff to make products and instructions easier to use

  • Write or revise supporting content for products

  • Edit material prepared by other writers or staff

Job Appeal:

If you possess good communication, technical and writing skills, then you should consider this role. Technical writers typically have an interest in the thinking, creating and organising interest areas, according to the Holland Code framework. You will get the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies and you will need to constantly be updated with new and modern tech. You will also get the opportunity to work with people from different job backgrounds such as developers, engineers, designers, illustrators and so much more.


This is not a definitive list and there are a lot more roles like these in the industry.

I started this research with the intention of helping you all realise that there is more to the tech industry than having to code every day, but I might have just ended up convincing myself that I should move to the states after what this research has shown me!

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on this post and share with your contacts! Do not hesitate to contact us if you find a need to.


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